Special Community Benefits District Information

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Dear Herald Harbor Residents,


The HHCA is looking to garner support to re-purpose the existing Special Community Benefit District (SCBD) in place in Herald Harbor. Herald Harbor created the first SCBD in Anne Arundel County in the 1920’s and now there are over 70 in the County. A SCBD is a geographic district of the County established by legislation of the County Council to provide public, community-wide benefits to areas that would not otherwise receive these benefits. The purposed of our SCBD has become obsolete as it was originally a fund to provide maintenance to then privately-owned roads. Now that the County maintains most roads in Herald Harbor the SCBD has been dormant and not collected for over 40 years.

By repurposing the existing SCBD, homeowners in our community will pay an “assessment”, administered by the County and collected through property taxes. These funds will provide for maintaining and improving our existing community property as well as providing additional recreational activities and facilities to be used by the community. The exact purposes are listed in the petition found at www.heraldharborcommunity.com.

All of the collected funds will be distributed back to the community for uses that align with the above stated purposes.
The petition creates 4 provisions that differ from the original SCBD.

1) The geographic area of the SCBD will be defined by current land records as opposed to the 1924 land records.
2) The “purpose” will be changed (as mentioned above).
3) The assessment will be changed from per platted lot to per improved tax account.
4) The HHCA will formally administer the SCBD. Previously no such administrator was specified as the code currently requires.


We must collect 50% + 1 signatures (a “super-majority”) of all home owning residents within the SCBD boundaries to officially re-purpose the SCBD. By signing this petition, you are NOT agreeing to pay any assessments or fees. What you are doing is ONLY saying that you support the 4 provisions above.

If the required number of signatures are collected within the specified time period, and verified by the County, a budget will be voted on by the community and submitted to the county. If the county approves that budget then the assessment will be collected from ALL community residents who fall within the SCBD boundaries, whether or not they have signed the petition.


We have received an outpouring of support to reinvigorate the SCBD and we’re confident with your support we can make this a reality – but we need your vote! Please review, sign and return the petition. For more information please read the attached FAQ’s or visit https://www.heraldharborcommunity.com/faq-s.


Your HHCA Board and Committee Members

The petition is undergoing revision due to additional changes to County laws. Please check back for the new petition.

Below are the guidelines established by Anne Arundel County that all SCBD communities must follow.  Please read them to better understand. 

Anne Arundel County SCBD Guidelines