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CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD the most recent proposed revisions to the HHCA bylaws. The HHCA incorporated all of the comments from the County and cleaned up some other parts based on previous community discussions.  As a reminder, we are not proposing to enact these bylaws now, only if we are able to get 50%+1 on the SCBD petition.  The board and community discussions was that we would post these bylaws on the HHCA website with some highlighted topics that the board heard from the community during our last SCBD effort that we have addressed here.  Some of those include:


  • Creating two classes of membership – Voting and Non-Voting.  Voting Members are those who are property owners in the SCBD.  Non-Voting Members are either residents who live within the SCBD boundaries but are not property owners or residents of the area outside of the SCBD that we have traditionally included in the HHCA (Long Point, Severnside, etc.)

  • Only Voting Members may be on the Board and have a vote on SCBD matters.

  • Non-Voting Members can still use HHCA facilities as they have traditionally, with the associate sticker fees, etc.

  • Provision to allow the SCBD to pay the membership fees of Voting Members.

  • Provision to allow the Board to restrict member access to HHCA facilities for cause but a prohibition on restricting voting rights related to the financial matters of the SCBD.

  • New procedures for amending the bylaws.

  • Special SCBD budget procedures.

  • Maximum SCBD assessment of $250 per improved lot.

  • Provision for providing a 50% refund of SCBD assessments for our low-income residents.

  • New audit procedures.

The HHCA Board would like to address any and all concerns, please email or join us at an upcoming General Meeting.  Current HHCA bylaw can be DOWNLOADED BY CLICKING HERE.

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